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4 Reasons to Use Tyre Pressure Gauges in Mining and Construction

Lower Operating Costs

After fuel, tyres are often a fleet’s largest expense. The best way to ensure maximum tyre life is through proper tyre inflation. Using a pressure temperature (pt) valve and gauge assembly, tyre pressure monitoring has never been easier. Use the pt gauge for daily checks and a separate master gauge for weekly checks and you will catch air loss before it can cause permanent tyre damage.


Safety is also at the forefront with accurate PSI the primary objective of proactive management of tyre pressures to prevent tyre failure.  The risk is higher if a tyre is under-inflated or over-inflated without taking into consideration the correct pressure for the working temperature of the tyre.

Decrease in Tyre Wear

By selecting the right pt valve for the application, a gauge can be installed on virtually any machine without the gauge assembly being vulnerable to damage. On some mining & construction job sites, air pressure almost never gets checked until it is visually noticed and by this time permanent tyre damage has occurred. The pt valve and gauge assembly will raise the awareness level of machine operators, making it easier for them to recognise a low tyre before damage has been done.

Ease of Use

The PT Valve System is a design that allows tyre pressure to be monitored with an easy-to-read, liquid filled, dial gauge attached to the valve. The pt valve and gauge can be used on most applications. The gauge mounts on specially designed PT-style valves which allow visual tyre pressure checks yet also allows for inflation, deflation, and manual pressure checks without removing the gauge. The PT gauge has an all-anodized aluminium body and is completely sealed to prevent moisture from fogging the glow-in-the-dark dial. The PT Gauge is liquid filled to prevent damage from vibration.  The PT Value system can be viewed in the catalogue by clicking here!

As a manufacturer of specialised tyre valve systems and pressure inflation solutions, Haltec Corporation has been the unchallenged leader in off-highway, mining, and construction tyre management solutions and components for over three decades. Unique innovations designed to minimise downtime have led to the development of superior quality, precisely engineered valve systems that fill every heavy equipment need.

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