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5-Step Guide to Choosing The Right Hydraulic Jack

It pays to understand how hydraulic jacks work to understand the benefits of hydraulic verses mechanical.  In simple terms a mechanical jack employs a screw thread for lifting heavy equipment, whereas a hydraulic jack uses hydraulic power and can lift much heavier machinery.

With hydraulic jacks, the primary mechanism allows force to be applied through a hydraulic cylinder. By putting force on one cylinder, it will create pressure in all the cylinders.  Having one cylinder larger than the other, it allows the large cylinder to produce a greater force, despite the fact that the same pressure is applied across all cylinders. All hydraulic air jacks function with the same basic structure.

To work quickly and safely, you need to have the right equipment. Make the right choice with Haltec‘s 5-step guide:

1: Identify the specifications of what you are lifting

To know the required lifting capacity, check the weight of the vehicle or machinery you are working on.  Hydraulic jacks have a lifting capacity that can vary from 30 tons to 100 tons.  To view Haltec’s range of hydraulic jacks please visit here!

Note – when using a hydraulic jack, you don’t lift 100% of the item’s weight, but between quarter to half of the vehicle or machinery.

2: Check your height requirements

The free working space below vehicles is getting smaller which requires low profile design for use in confined places.  On the other end of the scale, you may require a hydraulic jack with extensions if you are working on extremely large machinery.

3: What’s the available air pressure

What is the maximum PSI that you have access too?  What is the maximum operating pressure of the jack you require?  You can find out this information in the operator manual or in the technical specification sheets supplied in the latest Haltec Catalogue.

4: What are your requirements

Do you need to move the jack around?  Does it need to be mobile? Do you need to lift it manually?
If so, looking at the size, the weight and moveability of the jack is a necessity.

5: Quality of product

Quality and durability are not just here for fun, it is to ensure your safety and to enable you to do the job on hand.

The benefits of using a company such as Haltec Corporation for hydraulic jacks, who have been supplying jacks & rams to the mining and construction industry over three decades, is you benefit from their knowledge and experience.  Call now on 1300 HALTEC or visit the website and let’s see how we can help you.

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