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Bead Breakers in Mining and Construction Use

Haltec is recognised worldwide as the leading supplier of bead breakers, specialty tyre valve systems and pressure inflation hardware available throughout Australia, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. View the full range of products in the Haltec Catalogue.

Why the Requirement to Break the Bead?

The “tyre bead” is the inner-most surface of the tyre which creates an air lock between the tyre and the rim. This often fuses over time so to safety remove a tyre, you are required to “break” the bead to release the pressure and therefore allowing the tyre to separate from the rim. The tyre bead breaker is a tool used for separating tyres from rims.

Bead Breakers Enhance Big Tyre Safety

Manual bead breakers require more brute force whereas hydraulic tools allow the equipment to do the majority of the work.  Haltec bead breakers are heavy duty and provide a wide range that work with any size wheel and rim, covering applications for automotive, truck, bus, agricultural and off road.

Hydraulic Options

Hydraulic bead breakers feature high quality materials and surface processes to allow rugged, dependable service in a diverse range of applications such as mining, construction and forestry industries to name a few.

High-pressure hydraulic tyre bead breaking can protect staff and machinery by replacing heavy, clumsy, labour-intensive equipment with precisely applied high force from easily handled tools.

However, these products, as well as all tyre tools, should never be used by persons unless they have been trained properly.

Haltec has all your tyre related products, from bead breakers and quality tyre valve hardware to tyre inflation equipment which can competitively and consistently provide the service you have been searching for. Haltec products are suitable for a large range of tyres and rims, such as tractor, truck, forklift, earthmovers or most other large vehicles.

To ensure you get the right tool for the job visit the website or call 1300 Haltec today!

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