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Hydraulic Rams, Hydraulic Jacks & Cribbing Equipment

We recommend our rams for use in pushing off rear beads on earthmover wheels. Used for all truck tyres and as a general purpose cylinder in mining and construction applications. With a maximum operating pressure of 10,000 psi and designed for use in all positions. Included with all models is a coupler and dust cap.

Various benefits in using hydraulic jacks in mining & construction:

  • The jacks operate at a pre-decided pressure, so the jacking cylinder bore is somewhat bigger to explore the full capacity. Stable jacking requires a larger bore, rod and base plate, which is achievable using hydraulic jacks.
  • Any double acting jacking cylinders ensures that the person operating it has more control especially while it is descending. Also, if the load tries to go down faster than the pump supplies oil, counterbalance valves ensure there are no overruns. As a result, the jack automatically powers down, and there is no way the load will lower by accident.
  • The best overload protection
    • Pressure relief valves in the hydraulic circuit
    • An air pressure regulator sets the level needed for maximum lift, and
    • An air pressure relief valve installed right after the regulator
  • Hydraulic components last way longer due to a better shelf life and usually don’t fail suddenly.
  • Operation of hydraulic jacks is simple thanks to a toggle switch. Which is a pneumatic valve situated away from load controls.


The AJ-30 “shorty” is a lightweight, low profile design for use in confined places. Yet the cylinder capacity is 30 tonnes.


The AJ-506-B 50-tonne aluminium jack is easy to handle and lightweight. In addition it can be used with any 10,000 psi pump. Perfect for off-highway work and comes with a 7” x 7” aluminium base.

AJ-1006 100 ton aluminium jack

Lightweight aluminium for easy handling and placing under the vehicle. Includes ‘shut off valve’ which allows removal of the pump with the ram extended.

Cribbing Equipment

Many mining and construction workers use timber blocks to crib or stabilise vehicles and heavy equipment for repairs or maintenance. Although popular, many OH & S professionals have serious concerns whether the use of timber blocks for cribbing is up to standard.

Haltec’s range of cribbing, blocking and jacking equipment can eliminate these risks with purpose-built equipment that helps to make maintenance work safer and faster. 

For more information click here to read our ‘Raise machinery, not risk: Cribbing equipment to keep workers safe‘ article in the Australasian Mine Safety Journal.

View our Catalogue and choose the Hydraulic Ram, Hydraulic Jack or Cribbing Equipment that best suits your needs. Or if you prefer call us on 07 3376 4155 or fill on our contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

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