Cribbing Equipment, Heavy Duty Chocks & Jack Plates

Cribbing Equipment

Many mining and construction workers use timber blocks to crib or stabilise vehicles and heavy equipment for repairs or maintenance. Although popular, many OH & S professionals have serious concerns whether the use of timber blocks for cribbing is up to standard.

Haltec’s range of cribbing, blocking and jacking equipment can eliminate these risks with purpose-built equipment that helps to make maintenance work safer and faster.

For more information click here to read our ‘Raise machinery, not risk: Cribbing equipment to keep workers safe‘ article in the Australasian Mine Safety Journal.

Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks

All of our heavy duty wheel chocks are a solid light weight construction, non-conductive and no threat to puncture the tire. They have been extensively field tested, are durable, light weight, and easy to use. 

Jack Plates

AME Jack plates provide greater stability to bottle jacks and hydraulic rams. They are lightweight and easy to handle and each unit has non-skid surface to prevent jacks from sliding under wet or oily conditions.

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