Tyre Gauges Maitland

Need a tyre gauge in Maitland? Haltec products are designed to provide safe, efficient and accurate tyre inflation. Today, Haltec is recognised worldwide as the leading manufacturer of speciality tyre valve systems and pressure inflation hardware for mining and construction applications across New South Wales.

Digital Gauges, Dial Gauges & Tread Depth Gauges

Listed below is our range of digital air pressure gauges, dial air gauges and tread depth gauges. These are widely used throughout the mining, transport, rail, aviation and military industries. 

  • Digital Air Gauges
  • Dial Air Gauges
  • Truck Tread Depth Gauge
  • Tyre Tread Depth Gauge
  • Large Bore Gauges
  • Straight Pencil Gauge
  • High Pressure Gauge
  • Large Bore Swivel Foot Gauge
  • Large Bore Swivel Gauge – Recalibratable
  • Highway Tyre Tread Depth Gauge
  • Large Bore Tread Depth Gauge

Service Gauges

Haltec offers a wide variety of service gauges to accommodate the numerous tyre and wheel configurations encountered by mining and construction personnel.

  • Dual Foot Truck Service Gauge
  • Dual Foot Truck High Pressure Gauge
  • Tyre Gauge Grip
  • Dual Foot Metal Bar
  • Pencil Tyre Gauges
  • Gauge Check Station

View our Catalogue and choose the tyre gauge that best suits your needs. Or if you prefer call us on 07 3376 4155 or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

We supply tyre gauges to the Maitland area