Tyre Valves Moranbah

Need tyre valves in Moranbah? Haltec is a major manufacturer of specialised tyre valve systems and pressure inflation solutions. Our products achieve faster flow rates, decrease downtime and ensure more efficient tyre management. With the ever increasing size of off-highway, mining and construction tyres, Haltec design and manufacture a wide variety of valve systems that fill every heavy equipment need across Queensland.

Tyre Valves for Mining & Construction

  • Large Bore Valve Systems
  • PT Valve Systems
  • Super Large Bore Valve Systems
  • Z-Bore Valve Systems
  • Mega Bore Valve Systems
  • O-Rings & L-Rings
  • Standard Bore Valves
  • Valve Extensions
  • Air/Liquid Valves
  • Valve Cores, Caps & Adapters

Tyre Valve Solutions

Haltec offers a full range of products beginning with Large Bore and increasing to removable core Super Large Bore, Z-Bore, and Mega Bore valves. These valves top the inflation and deflation charts at an unbelievable 550 CFM. That’s 25 times the flow rate of a large bore valve. Also, these valve systems are installed in most cases without increasing the original rim hole size. 

When paired with one of our extensive line of rugged and reliable tyre inflators, it is clear that Haltec does not stop at manufacturing just the highest quality individual components, but also offers completely designed and engineered solutions to real world challenges.

Safe, Efficient & Accurate Tyre Inflation

Our products are designed to provide safe, efficient and accurate tyre inflation. Our goal is to provide the tyre industry with the equipment to enhance any organisation’s “Tyre Management Program.” Whether using air or nitrogen, the tyre’s PSI and tread depth need to be accurate and the method of inflation must be safe, simple and fast.

View our Catalogue and choose the tyre valve that best suits your needs. If you prefer call us on 07 3376 4155 or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

We supply tyre valves and tyre valve systems to the Moranbah area.