Tyre Inflators

The state of the art Haltec tyre inflators are a precision tool to maintain properly inflated tyres with high spend and accuracy. All 22 Haltec tyre inflators are designed to provide safe, efficient and accurate tyre inflation to the mining and construction industries.

Tyre Inflators for Mining and Construction

Accurate PSI needs to be the primary objective of every tyre inflation service program. The PSI in the tyre needs to be accurate and the method of inflation must be simple and fast.

Features and benefits of all Haltec Automatic Tyre Inflators:

  • Custom faceplates with corporate logo and colour available
  • All Haltec Automatic Tyre Inflators can be hardwired and mounted to mobile service trucks
  • Systems confirm calibration every six minutes when in use and every time they are powered on Accurate to +/- 0.3 PSI
  • Die cast aluminum housing provides strongest protection and durability to protect against weather and abuse
  • International Protection Rating; IP66, provides complete weather protection (except submersions)
  • Automatically inflates or deflates to target PSI when attached to tyre position
  • All systems can be programmed to specific PSI parameters to help organisations better manage consistent and accurate tyre inflation
  • Wirelessly receives/transmits gauged and corrected pressures via Bluetooth, ZigBee, or hardwired to PC
  • All Haltec automatic tyre inflation systems are designed to be operated with specified Haltec air chucks
  • Nitrogen compatible. PSI is PSI, accuracy is main goal
  • All systems allow technician remote control of inflation/deflation process, keeping themselves out of “blast zone” of tyre